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frequently asked questions

Video Memories LLC - Wedding Videographer Cleveland

1. What are all your different video styles?


We offer 2 different video styles: 

  • Cinematic Feature Film - a short, creative work that is anywhere between 4-10 minutes long depending on the package of your choice and hours of coverage. We use time-shifting techniques to tell your story in a cinematic style.

  • Documentary Style Video - a longer work ranging from 60 to 90 minutes that tells your story in chronological order, just like a documentary film.


2. How much experience do you have in the videography industry?


We have been Cleveland Wedding Film & Corporate videographers for 20 years, with approximately 25 weddings per year. We have filmed over 500 weddings! However, we also film several corporate projects, dance recitals, and other events each year, you name it!

3. Will you book other weddings on my wedding day?


Usually, we have two videographers at your wedding in order to tell your story the best way possible. If you book our two-videographer package, both of us will exclusively film your wedding. However, if you book our one-videographer package, one of us may film another wedding on your same day.

4. Do you bring your own lighting?


Yes! We bring our professional lights that are designed for videography. Certain venues, including ceremony and reception locations, are very dark. Therefore, we bring our lights to ensure that your video looks as clear and high quality as possible.

5. How do you record audio? 


For the ceremony, we place a lapel microphone on the groom and the priest/minister/officiant if they allow us to do so. For the reception, we hook up our external audio recorder to the DJ's audio mixer for clean-sounding introductions, speeches, toasts, etc.

6. What are your packages, and what do they entail?


Our videography packages can be found on the Packages page on our website. We have different packages for different budgets. Our three most popular packages are 8, 10, and 12+ hours of coverage. Each package includes a Cinematic Highlights Video OR a Feature film, along with a Documentary Style Video. We can also create a custom package to best fit your needs. For example, it is possible to ONLY film the ceremony or ONLY the reception if that is what you desire.

8. How many shooters and cameras do you bring?


Usually, our packages come with two videographers. However, if you request just one videographer, we can create a custom package for you. If there is one videographer we use 1-2 cameras and if there are two videographers we use 3-4 cameras depending on the size of the venues.

9. What kind of equipment do you use?


We always use high-end, modern equipment. As for right now, we shoot with 4k cameras. We also use high-end audio recorders, professional lights, and stabilizing equipment like tripods, sliders, and electronic gimbals.

10. Is all editing included in the listed package price?

Yes, each of our packages is designed to deliver a professionally edited and color-corrected video.


11. How long should I expect to wait before receiving my finished video?


Depending on our workload, our clients usually receive their final, edited video in 2-3 months. We really want to take the time to make sure your video is well-done to your satisfaction.

12. What mediums do you use to deliver videos? DVDs, flash drives, etc?

In today’s digital age, we really want to stay away from DVDs and discs since they are fading away with time. Many computers and laptops today come without DVD ROMs, making it impossible to watch your final product if you do not already own a DVD player. We deliver digital files on flash drives or downloadable files from cloud-based services like Google Drive, Dropbox, MediaZilla, etc. We can also deliver videos through YouTube and Vimeo.

Professional videography Cleveland Ohio

13. How long will the final video be?


The final Highlights video is typically 3-4 minutes. Feature Films are 5-10 minutes long, and Documentary Style Videos are 60-90 minutes.


14. Will you attend our rehearsal?


If we have never been to your venue before, we usually will attend the rehearsal. We also contact the venue and ask about all their rules and restrictions so that we know what to expect beforehand.

15. What is your plan if you are unable to film my wedding due to illness or emergency?


We usually have two videographers on site, but if one of us is unable to make it we will have one of our trusted partners step in.

16. How do we book our day with you? How much is the retainer fee?


To book your day with us, we need you to sign our contract and submit a $600 retainer fee.

17. When is the final payment due?


If you book your wedding with us 6 months to 1 year before your wedding, you just have to sign the contract and submit the retainer fee; the final payment will be due 2 weeks before your wedding. If you are booking one or two weeks before your wedding, you have to sign the contract and pay in full.

18. What is your cancellation policy?


If YOU cancel with us, all fees that have already been paid are nonrefundable. If WE have to cancel, we will refund all of the fees that have already been paid.

19. How far are you willing to travel? Is there a fee?


If your wedding is within a 50-mile radius of our Cleveland office, there is no travel fee. Only a parking fee is needed if applicable. We can travel all over the United States. According to the IRS, the standard mileage rates for business traveling by car is 58 cents per mile. Also, if we have to book a hotel, you are responsible for covering that cost. If we are traveling by plane, you are to cover the cost of the airfare ticket and hotel.


20. Do we have to provide food for you?


Yes. Because we are with you the whole day and mostly on our feet filming, we would greatly appreciate having seats and a meal

Professional destination wedding videogr

21. Do you have liability insurance?


Yes, we have liability insurance for $1 million.


22. What are your payment options?


While checks and cash are the two most common payment methods for videographers and clients, you can also pay with credit card, PayPal, Venmo, etc. (Some services may require additional fees).


23. What music would be used for our Highlights or Feature Films?


Because videographers must abide by copyright laws, we cannot use copyrighted music in your videos. However, there are certain websites on which we can buy certain songs you select for your project. 

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